LUVIK Ltd. has made a reputation as a preferred partner of many local and foreign investors and general contractors on projects in the country. Our clients are companies in the field of industrial and civil construction, hypermarkets, hotels, commercial complexes and companies in the field of water, and electricity generation and more. Partners of LYUVIK Ltd are:


1. „Радио С.О.С” ЕООД

2. „Олимпия Парк” ЕООД

3. „Ронин 31” ООД

4. „Роза Импекс” ООД

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5. „Профицио” ЕООД

6. „Булсис” ООД

7. „Мултиком” ООД audemars piguet fausse

8. „Олимпия Парк” ЕООД

9. "Лендмарк Ритейл Парк" ЕООД

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